How to regrade a Blackboard test AFTER submissions have been received in the Grade Center

This option allows the instructor to edit a test AFTER submissions have been received in the Grade Center.  There is an option to edit the test from the Grade Center column. Once the edits that need to be made to the test are complete, all submissions will be automatically regraded by the system and new grades will be posted in the Grade Center.  Students will access My Grades to see the updated grade.

To update individual question/answers:

  1. Navigate to the Full Grade Center and find the test column.
  2. From the column chevron dropdown, select Edit Test.
  3. To change a question's answer, click on the questions chevron dropdown and select Edit. Update the answer.
  4. Click Submit and Update Attempts.

To delete individual question/answers:

  1. To delete a question, click on the questions chevron dropdown and select Delete and Regrade.

Blackboard Help resources include:

  1. Edit Tests and Questions

If you have any questions, please contact the Technology Service Desk.

External Links:

  1. Edit Tests and Questions:


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