How to edit test descriptions and questions in Blackboard

After you build a test or survey, you create questions or add existing questions from other tests, surveys, and pools. On the Question Settings page, you can adjust question settings for a test, survey, or pool. For example, you can set options for scoring, feedback, images, metadata, extra credit, and how questions are displayed to students.

Steps to create a test, add questions, and make the test available to students are available. Blackboard Help resources include:

  1. Test and Survey Basics
  2. How to Create a Test in Blackboard Learn (Video)

Note: After students submit attempts, the ability to modify a test is limited. Once a test has attempts associated with it, you cannot add a question, modify the number of questions in a question set, or change a random block definition or options.

If you have any questions, please contact the Technology Service Desk.

External Links:

  1. Test and Survey Basics:
  2. How to Create a Test in Blackboard Learn (Video):


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