How to import a .zip file into Blackboard

There are 2 types of .zip file content:

  1. Course content
  2. Tests, surveys, and pools

Course content - A course import package is a .zip file of exported course content. When you import a course package into an existing course, the content of the package is copied into the existing course. Import packages don't include student enrollments or data, student enrollments or data, such as discussion activity and grades.

Steps to import course content from a .zip file are available. Blackboard Help resources include:

  1. Import Course Packages

Tests, surveys, and pools - You can import test banks and question pools made available by your textbook publisher. Check your specific publisher's website for instructions on how to export and save the questions in a format that is compatible with importing to Blackboard Learn.

Steps to import tests, surveys, and pools from a .zip file are available. Blackboard Help resources include:

  1. Import or Export Tests, Surveys, and Pools

Note: There may be certain elements included in the publisher's imported test bank files that Blackboard cannot interpret causing unexpected problems when students take the quizzes or exams. Therefore, it is recommended that instructors review quizzes and exams in Student Preview prior to the start of the semester to make sure test questions are formatted correctly and functioning properly.

If you have any questions, please contact the Technology Service Desk.

External Links:

  1. Import Course Packages:
  2. Import or Export Tests, Surveys, and Pools:


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