How to create a link on the course menu in Blackboard

In Blackboard, the course menu appears on the left side of your course window and is used for the organization and navigation of your course. The instructor creates links on the course menu to present tools and materials to students. The course menu appears in a list view, which displays only the top level of course materials. It is possible to create and customize the name and order of the links.

Steps to create a link on the course menu are available. Blackboard Help resources include: 

  1. Link to Content and Tools

The types of content that can be added to the course menu include:

  • Content area - Content areas are the top-level course areas and hold all of your course materials. You create, link, and manage them on the course menu. After you create a content area, you add content to it, such as online lectures, multimedia, tests, and communication tools. 
  • Blank page - You can include files, images, and text together on one page. Students select the title in the content list to view the content. No description appears with the title, so you want to be sure to use a meaningful title.
  • Tool link - Create a link to an available tool in your course, such as the calendar or journals. You can also create a link to the Tools page.
  • Course link - You can create a shortcut to an item, tool, or area in your course for quick access to relevant materials.
  • Web link - You can link to an external website or resource.
  • Module page - A module page is a specialized content page that presents content in boxes. You cannot add your own content to a module page. The system generates the information in each module. 
  • Subheader - A subheader is unlinked text. You can group related links below a subheader to help students find information.
  • Divider - A divider is a line that visually divides the course menu into sections. After you create a divider, you can move it to another position.

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External Links:

  1. Link to Content and Tools:


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