TurningPoint Cloud (Clickers) and Canvas

TurningPoint Cloud, a Student Response System (SRS), is a wireless response system that allows instructors to request information by presenting questions and for students to respond by using a “clicker” to send his or her information to be recorded. The clicker can be a Smartphone or a Turning Technologies hand-held response device.

TurningPoint Cloud resources available include:

  1. TurningPoint Cloud Resources
  2. Canvas and TurningPoint Cloud for Instructors
  3. Canvas and TurningPoint Cloud for Students / Participants

For additional support, please contact the Technology Service Desk
For support on how to implement clickers in your class, contact your instructional designer partners.

External Links:

  1. TurningPoint Cloud Resources: https://www.turningtechnologies.com/support/turningpoint-cloud
  2. Canvas and TurningPoint Cloud for Instructors: https://www.turningtechnologies.com/pdf/UserGuides/CanvasandTurningPointCloud.pdf
  3. Canvas and TurningPoint Cloud for Students / Participants: https://www.turningtechnologies.com/pdf/UserGuides/CanvasforTurningPointCloudParticipants.pdf
  4. Technology Service Desk: https://twu.edu/technology/
  5. Instructional Designer Partners: https://twu.edu/tlt/information-for-faculty/instructional-design-partners/


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