Bb Grader (Blackboard's Mobile App for Grading)

Bb Grader is a mobile application that provides instructors with a portable solution for reviewing, providing feedback, and grading student submissions in a Blackboard course.

Bb Grader requires iOS 7 + and is compatible with iPad Air, iPad mini, and iPad 2, 3, or 4. Courses where you are enrolled as an instructor, teaching assistant, or grader appear in the app.

Blackboard resources available include:

  1. Bb Grader
  2. Bb Grader Download

If this is your first time to log into Bb Grader, you will need to access the TWU account:

  1. Type Texas Woman’s University to enter the school information.
  2. Log into the Blackboard app by entering your TWU UsernamePassword, and tap the Login button.
  3. The Activity Stream will open on your mobile device.

To learn more about these topics and others, visit the TWU Blackboard Support Center.
For additional support, please contact the Technology Service Desk

External Links:

  1. Bb Grader:
  2. Bb Grader Download:
  3. TWU Blackboard Support Center:
  4. Technology Service Desk: