suggested courses for Students

1. How to Use

2. Google Apps for Students

3. Teamwork Fundamentals

4. Communication Fundamentals

5. Everyday Math Fundamentals

6. Improving Your Memory

7. Top 5 Speed Reading Tips

8. The Neuroscience of Learning

9. Writing Research Papers

10. Gmail Essential Training

11. Manage Small Projects

12. Speech Writing

13. Personal Finance Tips

14. Up and Running with LinkedIn

15. Google Docs Essential Training

16. Effective Listening

17. Computer Security and Internet Safety Fundamentals

18. Setting Your Financial Goals

19. Improving Your Judgement

20. Overcoming Your Fear of Public Speaking

21. Grammar Fundamentals

22. Managing Stress

23. Embracing Change

24. Overcoming Procrastination

25. Building Self Confidence

26. Improving Your Memory

27. Leading and Working in Teams pre-built playlists

  1. Time Management - Individual

  2. Use Google Apps

  3. Presentation Skills- Individual

  4. Skills and Tools for Student Success

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