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Blackboard and Canvas Learning Management Systems plus articles on Respondus, Turnitin, etc.

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Google Drive and Canvas

The Google Drive web service allows you to integrate Canvas with your Google Drive account. The Google Drive folder is accessed from the Course Navigation Menu. You can create an online assignment or a collaboration that embeds a document directly from your Google Drive folder into Canvas.

How to know if my course is in Blackboard or Canvas

To access your Blackboard or Canvas course go to the TWU Homepage and click My Courses at the top of the page. The courses offered in Canvas are listed on the My Courses page.

How to request a Canvas Sandbox course

In Canvas, Sandbox courses are given to instructors by request to create new course content and to experiment with different features in Canvas. Sandboxes can be created for a specific course or for generic testing and looking at new Canvas features that are available every month.