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It is the policy of the University that contracts, employment offers, grant agreements, memorandums of understanding, and agreements with donors be reviewed by the TWU Office of General Counsel prior to commitment, execution or final action.  An "Approved as to Form" stamp by the General Counsel will indicate that legal review has been completed.  The General Counsel is not required to review any standard form or recurring contracts or agreements unless modification or addendum have been proposed.

Each Vice President will forward all contracts and agreements to the Office of General Counsel for review unless they are standard form or recurring and no changes have been made.

In the case of contracts, subcontracts, and other agreements linked to grants awarded to the University, the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs will forward the document to the Office of General Counsel for approval as to legal form prior to its submission to the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs for signature.  In the event that a contract, subcontract, or other agreement is a recurring agreement without changes, the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs will so indicate in its submission to the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs.

Only the legality of the agreement is reviewed in the OGC. Individual departments are responsible for determining if their department can abide by the technical requirements outlined within the contract. A department's V.P., A.V.P. or Director should review ALL affiliation agreements and make any proposed edits to the technical requirements before the department submits the agreement to the OGC for review.

Getting started

Initiating Contracts with Procurement

Initiate a contract with Procurement when TWU will pay a monetary sum as part of the contract requirements.

  • Department shall contact Procurement and explain the need for a contract, and Procurement will assist department with contacting with vendors, negotiation of cost, and contractual specifications. 
  • Once the essential terms of the contract have been negotiated between the parties, Procurement will forward the contract to the OGC for legal review by clicking the grey "Request Service" button on this page, filling out the form, and uploading any necessary attachments.

Initiating Contracts Directly with OGC

Initiate a contract directly with the OGC when no monetary amount is being paid by TWU or when TWU will be receiving funds as part of the contract requirements (Student Internships, Memorandums of Understanding, Interlocal Agreements) by clicking the grey "Request Service" button on this page, filling out the form, and uploading any necessary attachments.


Submit the Contract in Electronic Format. “Word” is preferred.

If using a "Standard Form Contract", please fill out all necessary information in the Standard Form Contract before submitting. The OGC will not fill in this information for you and will return the agreement to you if the requisite information is not filled in completely.

When you are ready to submit a contract to OGC for review, scroll to the top of this screen and click on the top grey box to the right of this text that says "Request Service". Fill out all of the applicable information. Click on the "?" buttons in any field to read more information about how to fill in that section of the form. At the end of the form, there is a section called "Attachment". Be sure to upload the Word version of the affiliation agreement you would like reviewed here, if you are submitting an agreement that is not on a TWU Standard Form Template or if the contracting entity has proposed edits to the TWU Standard Form Template. Additionally, upload any applicable  attachments to the contract so they may be reviewed by the OGC.

Pre-Requisites for General Counsel Review

  • Evidence of Compliance with Procurement Guidelines
  • Evidence of Financial Review

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Contact the Office of General Counsel at 940-898-3250 or 81-3250 submit a request by clicking Request Service on this page.

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