Back-ups and Data Recovery


When data are saved to the network drives, it will be there until it is deleted or removed. Every TWU employee has 50GB share/ 20 personal of network storage on the X drive and unlimited storage through Google Drive.  Network storage (X-Drive) provides personal and shared folders for departmental and TWU information.  TWU provides two cloud-storage solutions, as well: Google Drive offers unlimited storage with the option for the individual to share files and folders as needed and Office 365 OneDrive offers 1TB storage.

Please note that network storage differs from saving files “locally” to one's desktop or personal machine. When files are saved “locally,” they are not backed up and there are no guarantees that IT Solutions can recover the data should hardware or software on the computer begin to fail. Users should save all important documents to either the network storage or cloud storage and only use the desktop or C:\ hard drive for a temporary workspace while maintaining a consistent backup routine.

Data Recovery

IT Solutions has trained individuals that will attempt to salvage data on damaged, corrupted, failed, or inaccessible internal or external media. There are several tools and methods used and depending on the circumstances of the failure or crash can take several weeks of time to reach a final answer. With data recovery the results are always unknown and no matter ‘how or why’ the drive fails, the sooner the Technology Service Desk is notified and begin the process of attempting the recovery, the better the results. There are no guaranteed data recovery results as each failure is unique and special to the circumstances and use or failing components that led to the initial failure. The team will inspect the drive before doing an invasive recovery attempt. The scope and risk will be communicated to the faculty or staff member. At that point the user may choose to either have the team look at the drive and attempt recovery, or they may choose an external vendor to do an attempt at recovering, contingent upon approval from the TWU Technology security team. External vendors vary on results. Costs can range from several hundred dollars to thousands, regardless of the outcome.

X-drive is a network storage drive where files are backed up often and have multiple failover technologies in place to minimize failures.

  • There is no cost for IT Solutions team to attempt to recover data on TWU equipment.
  • IT Solutions may be able to recover data on personal devices (including flash-drives or external hard drives) used for TWU work purposes; however, priority is placed on TWU machines or drives before any personal devices can be serviced.

Faculty, staff, and students may store files in cloud-based storage, Google Suite (Drive) and Office 365 (OneDrive). Cloud storage is backed up automatically.


Contact the Technology Service Desk at,, submit a request through the Technology Service Catalog, or submit a request by clicking Request Service on this page.

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