Prohibited Items


The following are prohibited for use and/or possession in the residence halls. This is not a comprehensive list. Any other item that is deemed unsafe or inappropriate for residential living may be considered prohibited, at the discretion of the Director of Housing and Residence Life.

  1. Hoverboards
  2. Skateboards and roller skates/blade on sidewalks
  3. Air Conditioners (not issued and installed by the College)
  4. Candles
  5. Extension cords
  6. Fireworks
  7. Flammable decorations
  8. Grills (including George Foreman and other like materials)
  9. Halogen lamps
  10. Holiday lights
  11. Hookahs
  12. Incense
  13. Live Christmas trees
  14. Microwave ovens
  15. Open flames of any kind
  16. Refrigerators (large). Students may have up to 2.4 cu ft of refrigerator, per person, per apartment. So a residence hall with 2 people could have two (2) 2.4 cu ft refrigerators or one (1) 4.8 cu ft refrigerator.
  17. Rope lights
  18. Space Heaters
  19. String lights
  20. Tattoo equipment
  21. Waterbeds
  22. Weapons or facsimile weapons (not covered under Campus Carry)



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