Core Assessment Application (also known as Cassie) - Security Roles

Dr. Graham (Gray) Scott approves all access requests to Core Assessment/Cassie application.

In order for a faculty member to be able to create assignments and upload students' artifacts in response to those assignments in the Core Assessment app, the faculty member needs to be in fs\CoreAssessmentFaculty security group. 

If someone needs to rate in the same app, they need to be in the fs\CoreAssessmentRaters group. 

If someone needs to submit assignments and/or artifacts on behalf of others, they need to be in fs\CoreAssessmentProgramDirectors group (this is with explicit Dr. Gray Scott's approval.) 

Only IT people need to be in fs\CoreAssessmentITAdmins group for now. This group (fs\CoreAssessmentITAdmins) enables users to perform data import for next term's core assessment initiative. Access to this data import process may be transferred to the process/application administrator in the future. 

Being in fs\CoreAssessmentAdmins group allows to see rating statistics. 

Security team is assigning security group memberships to accounts.


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