Turning (Clickers) in Canvas (Instructors)

Turning is a Student Response System (SRS) that allows instructors to leverage hand-held response devices in class to collect student achievement data. Students can respond using a Turning Technologies hand-held response device or their own Smartphone with app. A roster of student is imported from Canvas into Turningpro Desktop to begin and assessment data is exported from Turningpro Desktop to Canvas to record grades or participation.

If you will be using Turning in your course, it is best to inform your students as early as possible as students will need to purchase the response device and/or software license at the university bookstore or online through Amazon or other retailers.

Turning Resources

  1. Turning and Canvas - To begin you must create a Turning account in order to register your license. Once your license has been registered your Turning account will be linked and you can add any of your Canvas courses for the current semester to use Turning. You can also review the Canvas AutoSync Video.
  2. Turning Downloads - After Turningpro has been downloaded (contact the Service Desk if you do hot have permission to download and install applications on your workstation), the file will need to be unzipped or installed depending on the version that was downloaded.
    1. Register with Turning Technologies
    2. Downloading Turning (Turningpro)
    3. Opening the No Install PC Version of Turning (Zipped File)
    4. Installing the PC Version of Turning (EXE File)
    5. Setting Up an Offline Password
  3. PowerPoint Polling - Create polling questions in PowerPoint, run the Presentation during class and save the results, synchronize the grades to Canvas or generate reports.
  4. Anywhere Polling - Anywhere Polling allows you to poll atop any application, including web pages, videos and documents, using a floating interactive toolbar.
  5. Using Turning with Zoom - Open the Turningpro Desktop application and use Share in Zoom to present the Turningpro Desktop application.

Support Options

  1. Contact an Instructional Design Partner to design learning activities for students, training to use TurningPoint features, or talk about effective ways to interact with students using "clickers" in your Canvas courses.
  2. Turning Documentation - TurningPoint Desktop online documentation is available for additional support.
  3. To request technical support, submit a Technology Service Desk email to start a ticket.


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Turning, a Student Response System (SRS), is a wireless response system that allows instructors to request information by presenting questions and for students to respond by using a “clicker” to send his or her information to be recorded. The clicker can be a Smartphone or a Turning hand-held response device.