OnBase Premium Training

We have purchased an annual enterprise subscription to Premium Level Training from Hyland Software for the OnBase imaging software - any TWU faculty or staff member can access this training. This subscription is good through March 31, 2021.

To access this training, please complete the following steps:
  1. Navigate to training.hyland.com
  2. Click Log In
  3. If the user has never created a Hyland Profile, click Create Profile, otherwise, continue to step 7
  4. Enter ALL of the following information:
    • Email: use your @twu.edu email
    • Confirm Email
    • PasswordPick a unique password. This should NOT be your portal password.
    • Confirm Password
    • Ensure the "I am trying to gain access to Hyland Community..." checkbox is checked
    • Company Name: Texas Woman's University
    • HSI (optional): Leave blank
    • First Name
    • Last Name
    • Phone: use your work phone
    • Leave the "I am a Contractor" checkbox UNCHECKED
  5. Click Next*
  6. Once access is granted, go back to Step 1.
  7. Enter Hyland User Name and Password to continue to training.hyland.com

*It will take Hyland 2-3 business days to grant your access - please be patient. You will receive an email from Hyland Software once they have granted you access. If you have NOT received an access email from Hyland after 3 business days, please click here to submit a TWU Service Desk ticket - the OnBase team can investigate the delay for you.

Recommended End User Training Courses

Most of the premium training courses are technical in nature. Here are the courses we recommend for end-users.

  1. OnBase18 Web Client training: https://training.hyland.com/courses/P1528-End-User-Essentials-OnBase18-Web-Client
  2. OnBase18 Unity Client training: https://training.hyland.com/courses/P1527-End-User-Essentials-OnBase18-Unity-Client

Not finding the topic you're looking for? Please click here to submit a TWU Service Desk ticket - the OnBase team can help guide you.


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