Konica Batch Scanning

Konica Scanning

  1. Load Paper into top Tray.
  2. Click Copy/Scan on printer.
  3. Click Programs in the top left corner of screen.
  4. Click OnBase
  5. Click Recall
  6. Exit out of the menu.
  7. Click the tab MNO
  8. Select OnBase
  9. Click Scan.

Sweep into Batch Scanning

  1. Open OnBase Unity Client and log in with Portal Credentials.
  2. In the top toolbar, within the Imaging group, click Batch Scanning.
  3. Select the queue to scan into.
  4. In the top toolbar, within the Capture group, select Sweep.
  5. Select Sweep all files in a particular directory.
  6. The sweep directory should already be populated.
  7. Select Delete files after sweep, if not already checked.
  8. Click Sweep.


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