How do I add users to a Canvas course?

Instructors have the ability to add users that are teachers, TA's, non-grading TA's, observer, designer, and a peer tutor into Canvas courses. If the instructor of record is no longer at TWU, the department chair will need to request for users to be added to the course by the Service Desk either emailing at, use the chat function on, enter a ticket into the ticket system, or by a phone call at 940-898-3971. 


Below is an article link with steps and images to show you how to add users into a Canvas course. The user will need to have an active Canvas account. 

*New students will not have a Canvas account until after they registered for classes. 

*New faculty will not have a Canvas account until after they create a Pioneer Portal account and the department has assigned the course to the instructor in University Scheduling. 

You may send any other type of request to the Service Desk to be escalated to the Canvas administrator to complete the task. For example, incomplete students, and or guest lecturers, etc. to be added to a Canvas course.

How do I add users to a course?

For additional support, contact the Technology Service Desk at,, or submit a request through the Technology Service Catalog.


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