Unity Client - Highlights and Notes

  1. Open OnBase Unity Client and log in with Portal Credentials.
  2. In the top toolbar, within the Documents section, click Retrieval.
  3. Once you have identified a document that requires either highlight or a note, open the document.
  4. In the top toolbar, click Document then in the Notes group you will see a variety of options:
    1. To Highlight: Select the Highlight icon.
      1. Left Click and drag a box over the area you wish to highlight.
      2. A "Note" box will pop up. This is where you may define or leave a note referencing why it was highlighted. This is optional. Click the X to close w/o a note.
      3. To access the note again, click the opaque icon located on or near the highlighted area or click the highlighted area.
      4. To delete, right click the highlight and select Delete Note.
    2. To Add a Note: Select the Registrar Note (or whichever note appears in your toolbar) icon.
      1. Left click anywhere on the document you wish to add a note. 
      2. This causes a purple pop up box to appear, you may type your note here.
      3. To delete, right click the title of the note and select Delete Note.
  5. After notes are on the document, you may right click the document, select Show/Hide Notes in Viewer and select from one of three options:
    1. Show/Hide Notes & Annotations in Viewer - This will show or hide all Notes and Annotations
    2. Show/Hide Notes in Viewer - This will show or hide notes only
    3. Show/Hide Annotations in Viewer - This will show or hide annotations only
  6. No Save is required. Navigating away from the document at this point is ok, the note and/or annotation is available for other users who have access to that note type.


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