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HR Payroll and Benefits Staff

Payroll Staff: 
Amanda Noday, ANoday@twu.edu, 940-898-3562 
Jane Sewald, JSewald@twu.edu, 940-898-3561

Benefits Staff: 
Angela Cagle, ACagle@twu.edu, 940-898-3552 
Holly Harris, hharris1@twu.edu, 940-898-3542

Administrative Leave

Upon the Chancellor and President’s declaration of granting administrative leave, all regular benefits eligible employees* required to complete timecards will report administrative leave (Admin Hours Taken).

*Per Texas Government Code Sec. 661.901, benefits eligible employees are:

  1. employed to work at least 20 hours per week for a period of at least four and one-half months; and
  2. not employed in a position for which the employee is required to be a student as a condition of the employment.

Timecards and Paychecks

We realize regular benefits eligible employees will not be able to complete or submit August timecards in Phoenix until returning to campus. However, this will not affect the September 1 paycheck. Upon returning to campus, please record “Admin Hours Taken” for August 25th (noon) – August 31st. This leave type will not be deducted from leave balances.

For those who wish to sign up for direct deposit, log into Phoenix from any campus computer and choose TWU Employee Self-Service, Direct Deposit Information. Add your banking information and choose the submit button which automatically updates your payment method with Payroll.

If you are unable to access Phoenix, you may access the Direct Deposit form here and submit the form to the Payroll Office for processing.

Direct Deposit Form

Texas National Guard Service and Volunteer time

A state employee who is called to active duty or authorized training is entitled to a leave of absence of 15 days in each federal fiscal year (October 1 – September 30) without loss of pay or benefits. The 15 workdays need not be consecutive. In addition, these days are “working” days, not “calendar” days. After exhausting the 15 workdays of paid military leave, the employee may use accrued vacation or be placed in a leave without pay status (or combination of the two) for the remainder of the active duty period. For complete details, refer to Policy 3.15, Military Leave.

Texas Woman’s University provides paid administrative leave to an employee who is a volunteer firefighter, emergency medical services volunteer, certified American Red Cross disaster service volunteer, or certified American Red Cross disaster service volunteer trainee in accordance with state law. Leave for emergency fire situations or emergency medical services situations may be paid with administrative approval. For complete details, refer to Policy 3.16, Volunteer Emergency Responder Leave.

Employee Emergency Assistance Fund

The Employee Emergency Assistance Fund (EEAF) provides limited financial assistance of up to $500 to meet immediate and essential needs of Texas Woman’s University employees experiencing a temporary hardship due to an emergency life situation. To apply for assistance from this fund, visit Employee Emergency Assistance Fund (EEAF).

EAP Employee Assistance Plan


EAP Website: https://www.awpnow.com/main/

If you have never utilized the EAP, the following steps for the first time login:

1. Go to https://www.awpnow.com.

2. Select “Access Your Benefits”

3. Complete the required registration fields

4. Enter the registration code: AWP-TWU-1412

5. Make note of the email address and password you created for the next time you log in to your EAP website.

Medical Benefits

Contact information for those enrolled in medical plans:

HealthSelect of Texas and Consumer Directed HealthSelect:

Effective through 8/31/2017:

UnitedHealth Care: 1-866-336-9371 Group Number: 744260
United Healthcare Website: http://healthselectoftexas.welcometouhc.com/index.html

Effective 9/1/2017:

BlueCross BlueShield: 1-800-252-8039 Group Number: 238000
BCBS Website: https://www.bcbstx.com/hs/search-results.html?keywords=virtual+visits 

KelseyCare Customer Service: 1-844-515-4877 Group Number: 15000
KelseyCare Website: https://www.erskelseycare.com/customer-service/contact-us/

Prescription Benefit

Current and post 09/01/2017:
HealthSelect OptumRX:  1-855-828-9834
HealthSelect OptumRX Website:  https://wem.optumrx.com/content/odin/en/ers/public/apps/pharmacylocator.html

KelseyCare Pharmacy Services: 1-844-515-4877
KelseyCare Pharmacy Website:  https://www.erskelseycare.com/pharmacy-services/find-a-pharmacy/

Additional Insurance and Assistance Plans

Contact information for those enrolled in additional insurance and benefit plans:


Question: What services are available through EAP (Employee Assistance Plan)?
Answer: EAP is available 24/7 and does offer on-site counseling and debriefings upon request.

Question: How do I access medical Benefits if I am not able to see my Primary Care Physician?
Answer: A 24 hour nurse line is available through all medical plans plus virtual visits through HealthSelect and Consumer Directed HealthSelect.

Question:  What care is available if I am away from home with an urgent medical situation that may not require an emergency room?
Answer: Contact the customer service number on your medical card or the number of your plan listed above to locate urgent care facilities. Network Urgent care facilities located anywhere in Texas can treat you at a $50 copay for KelseyCare and HealthSelect, and 20% after meeting your deductible through Consumer Directed HealthSelect.

Question: If an emergency occurs, how are medical services accessed if I am away from home?
Answer:  Any 911 emergency is covered under our medical plan no matter where the member is located.

Question: If I lost my medical and/or prescription card what do I provide to my provider/pharmacy or how to I obtain a new card?
Answer: If you have access to the internet go to your plan web page and print a temporary card or call the customer service number. If you are at a provider’s office or pharmacy and need coverage verified you can provide your plan customer service number, group number, and social security number to your provider or pharmacy.  The provider can contact the plan administrator for coverage details.

Question:  How do I fill a prescription if I am away from home or unable to reach my PCP?
Answer:  If you are able to reach your PCP he/she can call a prescription into any network pharmacy. If you are unable to reach your physician and need a new prescription you may need to see a physician using one of the methods listed above.

Question: What happens if I am injured doing work related activities?
Answer:  First, if emergency care is require go directly to the ER.  For non-emergency care, seek treatment from an approved State Office of Risk Management (SORM) network provider. Contact the TWU Office of Human Resources at 940-898-3542 or contact SORM 877-445-0006 to locate a network provider. The Workers Compensation Coordinator will work with the employee and the supervisor to file the claim the next business day. If the claim is not approved most injuries are covered under our medical plans. All injuries are subject to investigation by SORM.


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