Mandatory training courses do not open or load blank window

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State mandatory training courses (Ethics Training & Preventing Sexual Harassment Training) do not open or only show a blank window.


It is recommended to take the courses on campus using Internet Explorer on a PC and Safari on a Mac.

  • Confirm that pop-ups are enabled in the browser. After clicking the link to the course, look in the address bar of your browser to see if a popup has been blocked.  If so, click the blocked popup notification and allow the pop-up to open.
  • Make sure Flash is installed and enabled in the browser by using the steps for the specific browser at and then try accessing the courses again.

If using a computer off campus, try these steps to allow the training to load:

Google Chrome
  1. When the blank page appears where the training should be, click the lock icon next to the address at the top
  2. Click Site Settings.
  3. Change the dropdown next to Flash to "Allow" then close the tab and try and re-open the training.
Safari for Mac
  1. In Safari, log in to Pioneer Portal, then go to My Tools > Online Training Courses
  2. Click the Sexual Harassment training link.
  3. Click the title of the course to open it.
  4. A "Popup Blocked" message may appear. If so, click the Launch Course button.
  5. The popup will open, but may be blank. Leave that window open.
  6. From the Mac menu bar, click Safari > Preferences…, then click the Websites tab.
  7. Make sure Adobe Flash is checked from the list on the left. If Adobe Flash is not listed, download and install it from and return to step 1.
  8. Click on Adobe Flash Player from the list on the left to highlight it.
  9. Under Currently Open Websites on the right side, change the dropdown next to to On.
  10. Click the red circle button to close the window.
  11. Close the blank training window and try to re-open the training course from Portal.

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For additional support, contact the Technology Service Desk at 940-898-3971,,, or submit a request through the Technology Service Catalog.

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