Rules and Procedures

Texas Woman’s University is committed to supporting benefits that recruit and retain high quality faculty and staff while promoting development opportunities that assist employees and their dependents in pursuing their higher education goals. In keeping with this philosophy, the university has established a tuition assistance scholarship program for expenses incurred through enrollment in classes at TWU.


  1. Pioneer Assistance Scholarship (PAS) amounts are to be based on the number of semester credit hours enrolled for the semester/session not to exceed $500 per semester. The total awarded dollar amount of the scholarship will appear as a credit on the student’s tuition account which includes the board designated tuition and mandatory fees assessed.
  1. To be considered for eligibility, all PAS applications must be submitted no later than 30 days prior to the beginning of the semester of enrollment utilizing the university’s Academic Works system or the current Enrollment Management System (
  1. The committee will review all applications and determine the scholarship award winners. The three (3) member PAS committee will be from one of each group: Staff Council, Faculty Senate and Human Resources. 
  1. The number of scholarship winners awarded by the committee will be determined solely by approved university funding for each fiscal year and prorated for each semester.  The Fall 2017 funding has been approved for up to 40 scholarships.  The scholarships will be awarded by the total percentage applied for that semester from each category for faculty, staff and dependents.
  1. The PAS committee decisions are final.


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