FMC Process - Motorized Cart & UTV Procurement

Why is Fleet Services involved in the purchase of our department’s motorized cart or UTV?

This ensures that Fleet Services can provide the following services for our clients and the University:

  • Quotes are procured from the University’s preferred vendor;
  • Required charging necessities are assured before delivery of the cart (electricity, parking and appropriate ventilation of harmful gases);
  • The University’s preferred make(s) and model(s) are purchased for parts inventory, maintenance, and repair services;
  • All required parts and accessories are included in the quote and subsequently during the build or upon delivery;
  • Inclusion of the vehicle in the University’ assets management system occurs upon delivery and is assigned to the correct department head;
  • Required signage is applied following delivery and before delivery to client;
  • All cart records are properly maintained, including the creation of Preventive Maintenance work orders to assure good maintenance throughout the vehicle’s life.

What happens after we request the quote using the form on FMC’s Knowledge Base?

  1. Fleet Services sends the vendor’s quote to the departmental requestor for review and entry of a requisition in Phoenix.
  2. Once a Purchase Order (P.O.) is created, the department should contact Fleet Services with that P.O. Number.
  3. Fleet Services will then order the vehicle from the vendor on behalf of the department and ascertain an Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) for the vehicle, which is, in turn, given to the client.
  4. Once the vehicle is delivered, Fleet Services will contact the departmental requestor and apprise them of the delivery.
  5. The requesting department will then receive the amount on the appropriate P.O. rendered for issuance of payment in Phoenix.
  6. Fleet Services will apprise the department of when the cart will be ready for pickup from FMC’s Service Center.
  7. Fleet Services will assure all parts and accessories to be included are present and working.
  8. Fleet Services will then install or apply all required signage. (Slow-moving vehicle, TWU numbering, and approved decals)
  9. Following the installation of all separate accessories and signage, Fleet Services will, once more, contact the department and schedule pickup or delivery of the vehicle.


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