Notice to Supervisors of Staff Employees: Goals for New Hires

Supervisors of Staff Employees: 

Congratulations on your newly hired staff employee! 

All regular part-time and regular full-time newly hired staff employees are required to participate in the performance evaluation process.

Performance Development Goals are mandatory for the performance evaluation process. As the supervisor, you are responsible to ensure your employees complete their goals in the SharePoint system within 4-6 weeks of hire. Extensions may be granted for executive level positions.

Because goals are required to be aligned with the Division's strategic goals, we recommend you meet with your new employee to assist them in their goals development. 

This is a quick overview of how employees may access SharePoint and enter their goals.

2022/2023 Performance Development Goals in SharePoint (Employee Overview)

  • Employee initiates the process by accessing goals on their Employee Page: Access to Goals in SharePoint
  • Employee enters Performance Development Goals
  • Employee receives an email notification that goals have been submitted
  • Goals may be approved or rejected by the supervisor
  • Employee will receive an email notification if the goals are rejected with a link to resubmit
  • Employee will receive an email notification if the goals are approved along with a link to view the final goals


Performance Development Goals - Alignment Tips and Review

Performance Development Goals Guidelines

Instructions for Employees and Supervisors to Access and Enter Goals in SharePoint


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