Hiring 101

Hiring new faculty, staff, and graduate students involves many departments and processes behind the scenes. See Hiring 101, a slide presentation of the order of steps to make hiring successful! 

NOTE: These slides are updated by each involved department as processes change.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the new employee/department know the background is complete? Who sends onboarding information?

When Human Resources completes the background check, they email the department to confirm. If Human Resource has an email address for the new employee, they send the onboarding email. If Human Resources does not have an email address for the new employee, they notify the department to send information to the new employee.

How does the employee/department know when the PTF is complete and who lets the new hire know to set up the portal account. 

The PTF initiator should track the New Hire / Rehire PTF  to ensure it is approved in a timely manner.  When the PTF initiator sees that the final approval has taken place, it is the responsibility of the PTF initiator to communicate with the department that the PTF is fully approved.  At that time, it is the department's responsibility to work with their new hire to set up the tools (portal account) they need to be able to do their job.  HR does not send new hires information on what to do once the PTF process is complete. 

How important is accurate date of birth and social security number information?

If the date of birth or social security number is missing or inaccurate:

  • The PTF process cannot be completed
  • The Faculty Credential Packet cannot be processed
  • New employees will be blocked from setting up a portal account and accessing technology resources

Why does IT Solutions suggest that the Supervisor/ Department head submit the New Employee Tech Onboarding ticket process?

If the Supervisor/ Department head submits the request for technology resources, permission is granted by the fact the supervisor has requested. If the department administrative staff initiates the request, IT Solutions must contact the Supervisor/ Department head for verification of the request.


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