Unity Client - Sweeping (capturing) a PDF Portfolio to OnBase

Any user with OnBase batch scanning permissions (e.g. is a member of an OnBaseXXXScanIndex group in Active Directory) should be able to perform these actions within the OnBase Unity Client.

  1. FIRST-TIME ONLY: Create a file folder in a secure location that will be dedicated to "sweeping" these PDFs into OnBase. You cannot use Google Drive for this purpose, but you can use the X:.
  2. Open PDF Portfolio in Adobe Acrobat.
  3. Select all of the individual PDFs (in the lefthand frame) that you want to capture into OnBase.
  4. With the PDFs still selected, click on the "Extract from Portfolio" button.
  5. In the Browse for Folder window that appears, navigate to the secure folder you created in step 1, then click OK.
    • NOTE: if you created this folder in the X:, you will find that under "This PC".
  6. Log into the Unity Client and select the "Batch Scanning" button from the Imaging section of the ribbon.
  7. With your scan queue selected, select the "Sweep" button from the Capture section of the ribbon.
  8. Select "Sweep all files in a particular directory".
  9. Click on the three blue dots button next to the empty bar at the top.
  10. In the Browse for Folder window that appears, navigate to the secure folder you created in step 1, then click OK.
  11. IF YOU WANT TO AUTOMATICALLY DELETE THE PDFS AFTER CAPTURING THEM INTO ONBASE, Select "Delete Files After Sweep". (If you no longer have access to the source PDF Portfolio these PDFs came from, this is not a good idea. If you do still have access to the source PDF Portfolio, however, it will save you time from having to clean out the folder after you capture the PDFs into OnBase.)
  12. Select Sweep.
  13. Edit Batch Name if needed, then select Sweep.
  14. When the Scan Progress stops updating and the last line reflects "Batch Complete", select the "Go to Batch" button from the Navigation tab of the ribbon.
  15. Refresh List as needed until the batch reaches the Document Separation stage.
  16. Perform Document Separation and Index exactly as you would for a scanned batch.
  17. IF YOU DIDN'T SELECT "DELETE FILES AFTER SWEEP" EARLIER, once all pages have been successfully indexed, navigate back to the Sweep directory and delete the PDFs you just captured into OnBase. That way, when you perform your next Sweep, you won't accidentally bring in PDFs that you have already swept in.


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