Unity Client - Merge/join existing documents together

These steps detail how to merge/join two or more existing, already-indexed documents in OnBase into a single document.

User must have security rights to perform this action. 

  1. Search for the documents you need to merge/join together. This can be done via Retrieval, Custom Query, Cross-Reference, or Workflow - but all documents to be merged need to be displayed in the search results.
  2. From the search results, select the documents you want to merge/join so that they are all highlighted.
  3. Right-click the documents.
  4. Select “Send To” and then “Document Separation”.
  5. The Document Separation tool will launch.
  6. Select ALL pages from the source documents (the documents you want to get rid of) and drag them to the target document (the document you want to keep). Order the pages how you need to.
    BEFORE - note # of pages for each document

    AFTER - note # of pages for each document
  7. Select Save and Close from the toolbar.
  8. Run your search again and confirm your merge was successful. Are the pages you wanted to move in the correct document? Did the document you want to delete actually delete? Does the remaining document have the correct document keys/autoname?
    1. If some pages moved but not all, try the steps above again. If you get the same results, this likely means you do not have access to delete this document type. Notify your supervisor to delete the document for you.


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