Internal Policies, Procedures & Related Documents

Contained within are departmental policies, procedures and documents pertaining to these, as well as University Regulations & Procedures (URP).

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FMC - Internal Policies

Facilities Management & Construction's Internal Policies ensure departmental compliance with University and other governing and/or requisite agency policies, regulations and assist leaders with decision-making. These policies also enable the department and it's leaders to streamline internal processes and tie together the organizational mission, values and principles with action.

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Purchase of Motorized (Golf) Cart (SOP)

This document is the Facilities Management & Construction department's Standard Operating Procedure for purchasing a motorized (golf) cart at TWU. All vehicle purchases must be approved by FMC before procurement will be finalized. Quotes, assistance with specifications, etc. can be obtained by contacting

TWU Motorized Cart Standards

This document lists the required specifications for motorized (golf) carts purchased for TWU departments. Assistance with questions or quotes can be obtained by contacting

University Assigned Vehicles

This document outlines the specific positions allowed assigned vehicles within the TWU System.